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Product Partners

Avid is a Western Australian agent for Woodward and is qualified to build the CUBIC stand-alone Modular switchboard systems. Avid provides support for Basler Electric AVRs up to and including the DECS-250. Avid is an Eaton product partner for the manufacture of Eaton xEnergy switchboard solutions.


Avid is an Authorised Systems Integrator for Woodward products on behalf of PM Control Systems Australia.

Woodward integrates leading edge technologies into fuel, combustion, fluid, actuation, and electronic control systems for the energy markets.

All Woodward products are based on decades of experience in the power generation field, with products that set standards worldwide.

With complete Power Management Systems for multiple fuel types Woodward strive towards reduced costs to both the customer and the environment.

Woodward can provide both Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) distribution systems to entire power stations, saving the customer time and money from the beginning stages, as all elements are perfectly fitting, quick plant start up.


Avid is qualified to build the CUBIC stand-alone Modular switchboard systems, which offers a fully type tested up to 7000A at 120kA, AS/NZS3439 -1 compliant, main busbar system. This modular system is quick and easy to assemble and allows you to both modify and expand with minimal fuss and cost, and is suitable for multiple applications from simple Control Panels to fully designed Switchboard Solutions.

The CUBIC switchboard system meets existing QA and Safety standards and comes with excellent documentation. Avid provides local technical support in Perth, and the system’s unique assembly method allows for speedy and fully modular construction. It can also be assembled on site in those hard to access areas.

Quick delivery of components and modular construction means it is working for you sooner.


Basler AVRs

Avid has partnered with Powerdist Engineering to support the Basler Electric range of Automatic Voltage Regulators up to and including the DECS-250. Avid's team is specifically trained to meet the requirements of both Basler Electric and Powerdist Engineering supporting Basler AVRs throughout Western Australia and offshore.

With Basler AVRs used widely across power generation applications worldwide, Avid provides commissioning, service and support for a range of DECS AVRs.

Eaton Switchboards

Avid is an Eaton Product Partner for the manufacture of Eaton’s range of xEnergy switchboards.

Eaton is a global technology leader in power management solutions, and Avid is one of a handful of product partners in Australia to manufacture and supply xEnergy switchboards meeting the necessary type approvals.

xEnergy switchboards can be manufactured to meet almost any requirement up to 5000A with fixed, removable or withdrawable breakers up to IP55.