Load Banks

Avid Group’s load banks are available for hire on daily, weekly and monthly rates. Our load banks are constructed from 2mm ‘Zintec’ steel, with double skinned doors to allow easy access to the separate enclosures. All electrical enclosures are to IP54. Our load banks come in 2 sizes; 1200kW and 600kW. These can all be hired with or without cables and trailer, to meet customer requirements. We can also assist with your testing.

They can also be freighted to customers outside of the metro area by almost all freight companies, with all load banks being fitted to a galvanised forklift pocket base and fitted with a four-point lifting frame. All load banks are tested to ISO 9001:2008 procedures, at the time of manufacture.

Load bank testing offered by AVID as a service for you to schedule in periodic maintenance as to verify the functionality and uptime of the standby diesel generators and or the Uninterruptible Power supply (UPS) that is connected to your electrical network system. An AC load bank is used to test the entire UPS system whilst the DC load ban will be used to test the batteries system on-site.

We need to test the power systems and its’ associated component parts under the load conditions in simulated conditions in case when the mains power fail, you know that your system do not crash. AVID engineers and technicians can assist in providing routine and regular load testing to improve and de-risk your power system. It is very important that the UPS, generators and components will function and perform together as intended at all times.




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